Thursday, 19 September 2019


So, Justin Trudeau is apologizing up and down and sideways for the photos and videos, wherein several times he has done “black-face” stunts.  But he doesn't need to worry - his friends are embarrassed for the public reputation failure, but privately they could care less, and they will give him a free pass.  They will try to shift the commentary away from Trudeau into generalized talk about discrimination in Canada.
But this is the same Prime Minister that will ban public employees from using the words Mr., Mrs., mother, father, and mankind.  He is one who clowns before the world in India, and experiences groping women differently.
So, if this was just the first time, forgiveness in view of his contrition might pass, but he has a pattern of cultural appropriation and silly mocking send-up.  His clown behaviour pattern is just not good enough for someone aspiring to be our Prime Minister.
If a Conservative Leader was caught doing this, the media would be aflame demanding a resignation. The lefties would be horrified.
Our Prime Minister is revealed to be an arrogant “virtue signaling” politico caught doing the exact things that he destroys others for doing.

We always knew that if a Liberal is judging harshly for something, one can be sure they've done it themselves.  He “doth protest too much”.  But alas, there's a different set of rules for Liberals.
So, did the Canadian media do a cover-up?  Why did this have to be released by an American media outlet?  

Like all Canadians I was disappointed when I saw Justin Trudeau's actions, confirming that our Prime Minister would do performances that appear to mock with undertones of racism. It was just as wrong in 2001 as it is in 2019.
Sadly, when Justin Trudeau was asked to clarify the number of times he engaged in this type of behaviour, he apparently lied to Canadians. Many photos are now appearing where he clowned and appropriated "outfits" for amusement, shock value, and personal indulgence. 

There is now no doubt he has a complete lack of social judgment and is not fit to govern our country.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Vote Now - don't wait

One of my political concerns has been to motivate people who do not vote, to do so.  Do it for our country which has given us so much, and do it to honour those who have given their lives so that we could vote.
Canadians need to protect our country by voting, by doing it in an informed way.  If it’s a matter of convenience or opportunity, decide which local candidate will get your support, and carefully note their name on a piece of paper.
YOU CAN VOTE NOW at your convenience.  Don’t put it off until the last minute.
Do it now and get it out of the way and avoid lineups etc.  Every riding has an Elections Canada Office which is now open for voting.  Just show up with proper photo ID that has your current address on it.
If you did not vote last time, make arrangements now, and get going. 
There should be no barrier to do your duty.  Vote now at the Elections Canada Office, or at the Advance Polls when they are set up, or on Election Day October 21st.
PLEASE VOTE      (there are many ways)                
Who is eligible to vote? 
To vote in the federal election, you must:
be a Canadian citizen
be at least 18 years old on election day, October 21
prove your identity and address
Vote on election day:
Vote at your assigned polling station on Monday, October 21. Polls will be open for 12 hours (hours vary by province).
To find your polling station, check your voter information card when it arrives in the mail or Voter Information Service after October 2.
Vote before election day:
Vote at any Elections Canada office across Canada
There are over 500 Elections Canada offices open across Canada.  Vote at any one of them before Tuesday, October 15, 6:00 p.m.  You will vote using the special ballot process.  The offices are open seven days a week until 9:pm.
At advance polls:
Vote at your assigned polling station from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on:
Friday, October 11, Saturday, October 12, Sunday, October 13, Monday, October 14.
To find your advance polling station, check your voter information card when it arrives in the mail or the Voter Information Service after October 2.
On campus:
Vote at select campuses across the country October 5 to October 9. You don't need to be a student to vote on campus.  Vote on select campuses from Saturday, October 5, to Wednesday, October 9, 2019. Find the Vote on Campus office nearest to you. You will vote using the special ballot process.
By mail:
To vote by mail, apply online or at any Elections Canada office across Canada before Tuesday, October 15, 6:00 p.m.  If you live abroad, you can also apply through any Canadian embassy, high commission or consulate.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Election Called

September 11, 2019 Ottawa, Ontario

10:00 a.m.

The Prime Minister will arrive at Rideau Hall for a meeting with Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor-General of Canada. He will be accompanied by Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. 

The Prime Minister will deliver remarks and hold a media availability. Rideau Hall 1 Sussex Drive

There he will make a political campaign kick-off speech. It is hoped this will be the last partisan election activity done on the taxpayer dime. Will he even mention the tragedy of this infamous day in history?

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Myth Exposed

Andrew Scheer

In Canadian political commentary, one hears the term “liar” a lot.  I don’t think it wins many votes.   However, seeding myths and repeating them frequently, does seem to have some influence.
A typical myth that Liberals repeat, against those who campaign on fiscal responsibility, is to claim that such is code for cutting social programs, as the rich don’t like money going to the poor.  I know that simple phrase sounds ridiculous, but that is part of the resentment beneath the myth.  Liberals have their followers believe that Andrew Scheer would severely cut social programs.  That is a psychological appeal to the larceny in the voter.  Vote for us and you will get your pay-off, and vote for the other and you will get the cut.  One must have seen those comments already by the Liberals against Conservatives.   I remind that such statements are false.  The truth is published on the Conservative web site to the whole world:
“Andrew Scheer’s Health and Social Programs Guarantee" 
"Under a new Conservative government, you will be able to count on stable and predictable health and social program funding.
It is critical for you to have confidence that these programs will be there for you when you need them.
That’s what Andrew Scheer’s guarantee is all about.
He knows how important it is to ensure quality public health care and social programs in every province.
Andrew Scheer’s Health and Social Program Guarantee guarantees his commitment to increasing both the Canada Health Transfer and the Canada Social Transfer if elected Prime Minister this October.
That means federal spending will keep on increasing to meet the needs of all Canadians, and ensure a quality public health care system in every province, no matter what.”

Friday, 23 August 2019

Beyond Bad

The Trudeau gang is at it again.  Just after they repeated their cover-up votes at the Ethics Parliamentary Committee on Wed. the 21st, a few special Union buddies have colluded to support these offenders.  Under “third party rules”, the head of Unifor – the union representing most of Canada’s journalists says they will spend up to $500,000 to keep the Liberals in power.  A few other public sector unions have also announced they will do the same.  These groups could spend millions propping up the miscreants.  It’s the same playbook from 2015, when they spent almost $5 million boosting Trudeau into office.  They think they can buy an election again.
Unifor is the same union that Trudeau appointed to help him decide how he spends his $600 million media bailout.  They are helping because they know Trudeau will reward them with more tax money.  The media will get a big taxpayer subsidy, while regular people have taxes increased to pay for it.  Canada Proud is one of the few third-party groups fighting back.
Liberal Party ideas lead Trudeau into illegal behavior.  He has now enlisted his whole Caucus into a co--conspiracy to lie and maneuver the media and Parliament to impose their twisted ideas.  The whole gang is now beyond bad.

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Caucus Solidarity

The Ethics Commissioner’s findings of wrong-doing were published. The Prime Minister gave a doublespeak answer. Then a few more Liberal MPs responded. I have always said from the beginning, that the Liberal Caucus is part of the Trudeau Administration mess.

They were group perpetrators when many Liberal MPs misbehaved at a number House of Commons Committee Hearings. How many hundreds of interviews have Liberal MPs given since the news broke on Feb.7th, with never an apology or an acceptance of the offenses?

The response by a few Liberal MPs yesterday to the Commissioner's findings proves my point. Remember they collectively went over the edge, when they dumped Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott from Caucus. So by their stinky group actions over the months, they're all guilty of hurting the Canadian political system. 

They collectively conspired to cover up misdeeds, instead of doing their duty as MPs to rein in a rogue leader. Since they collectively conspired, they collectively should be fired. Not a single one should be elected again.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

SNC-Lavalin Scandal Report

SNC-Lavalin Scandal Report – August 14, 2019
ISSUE: Justice Obstruction by the Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau tried to interfere in a criminal court case, and when he got caught, he shut down multiple investigations, and then tried to distract Canadians by launching a technical study into the possible separation of the role of Minister of Justice and Attorney General.
Dion, the ethics commissioner found that the authority of the Prime Minister was used to circumvent and discredit the decision of the Director of Public Prosecutions as well as the authority of Justice Minister WilsonRaybould, the Crown's chief law officer.
As a distraction tactic, Trudeau appointed former Liberal Cabinet Minister Anne McLellan as an “independent advisor”, despite that when appointed, she was scheduled to campaign at Liberal Party fundraisers.  McLellan’s report made a few minor recommendations, but supports the present administrative structure without any change.
During the height of the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals made it clear just how far they will go break the rules to economically benefit their friends (international corporate offenders), then try to cover-up their schemes.
Justin Trudeau isn't just demeaning his office, he's damaging our entire political system. He has once again broken basic trust with Canadians.  What Trudeau doesn’t understand is that the problem isn’t with the rules, the problem is with Liberals who break the rules. 

Trudeau promised accountability and transparency.  However, the record reveals that he is very ethically challenged.  Conservatives will hold him to account on behalf of Canadians in the weeks ahead, until he can be replaced.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Urgent Letter to the Prime Minister

The Honourable Andrew Scheer, P.C., M.P. Leader of the Official Opposition  

July 8, 2019
Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, P.C., M.P.  Prime Minister of Canada  
Office of the Prime Minister  Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

Dear Prime Minister:

On June 28th, your government held a press conference to ‘update’ members of the media on your secret fuel tax. However, despite repeated questions from journalists and Members of Parliament, you continue to cover up how much this new tax will cost Canadians and the Canadian economy.   Your carbon tax has already increased the cost of gasoline by five cents a litre. This has made it more expensive for moms and dads to drive to their kids to soccer practice, for seniors to get to their doctor's appointments, for farmers to plant their crops, and for small business owners to serve their customers. Everyday essentials like groceries and home heating have also become more expensive, meaning more Canadians are just getting by, instead of getting ahead.   Your secret fuel tax will undoubtedly increase the cost of gasoline by at least another four cents a litre, a fact you continue to hide. It is also an unprecedented tax that will apply to all fuel sources, including the fuel used for manufacturing and home heating, which will make Canadian businesses less competitive and gas more expensive.

While you have never had to worry about paying more at the pump, for some families living paycheck to paycheck, an extra $100 a month matters.    Prime Minister, Canadians are tired of your government’s never-ending tax hikes and deserve to know the truth. You promised transparency, but yet again are not as advertised.

Given these facts, will you scrap your secret fuel tax?   I can assure you that this October, a new Conservative government under my leadership will scrap your carbon tax and your secret fuel tax, leave more money in Canadians’ pockets, and let them get ahead.  


The Honourable Andrew Scheer,
P.C., M.P. Leader of the Official Opposition  


Monday, 27 May 2019

Canadian National Political
Issues May 27, 2019

1) Media Bailout

The federal government has named the eight organizations that will create a special advisory panel, to advise how a $600 million media support fund (tax dollars) will be given out to news organizations.
The eight representatives are from News Media Canada, the Association de la presse francophone, the Quebec Community Newspaper Association, the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada, the Canadian Association of Journalists, the Fédération professionnelle des journalistes du Québec, Unifor and the Fédération nationale des communications.
The Liberals also named the organizational group, which will administer an additional $50 million to help regional media outlets.

Key Dilemma:

A healthy democracy relies on an independent press, free of political influence.
It should never be up to any government to determine which media outlets receive significant tax dollar support and which outlets do not.
This is just the latest example of Justin Trudeau using the spending power of his office to stack the deck in the upcoming election.

He has already:
Put spending caps on opposition parties while putting no such limits on government.
Left a massive loophole in elections laws that allow Liberal-friendly foreign special interest groups to interfere in campaigns.
Unilaterally taken over planning for the ‘TV Leaders Debates’, without any input from opposition parties
He knows he is in political trouble, and he’s changing the rules to try and give himself an advantage during the upcoming October election.
Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives will use every tool available to continue to fight Justin Trudeau’s desperate attempts to rig the next election in his favour.

2) Conservatives Balancing the Budget

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer announced that Justin Trudeau’s reckless spending and massive deficits have made it impossible for a new Conservative government to eliminate his unwise deficits, and responsibly balance the budget in the short term.  Truthful accounting is a Conservative promise.

Key Dilemma:

Justin Trudeau has added $80 billion of new spending in the last two years.  This has made it impossible for a responsible government to balance the budget in the short-term.
Under Justin Trudeau, deficits will continue for at least another 20 years.  Andrew Scheer will responsibility eliminate the Trudeau deficit in about a quarter of that time.
Canadians can avoid a crisis by electing a Conservative government that will live within its means, protect core services, and responsibly phase out the Trudeau deficit.
The Conservative platform will contain a fully costed and vetted fiscal plan with a clear path back to balanced budgets, and national financial well being.
Two years ago, responsibly balancing the budget in the short term was still feasible.  But with $80 billion in new spending over the last two years, it has been calculated that Trudeau has made it impossible.
The deficits a Conservative government will inherit, will be Trudeau’s deficits, not Conservative deficits.  Presently, even the most optimistic estimates don’t have Trudeau’s deficits eliminated in 20 years, by which time Canada will be in a fiscal crisis and down a financial chasm.  Conservatives have a plan to responsibly phase out Trudeau’s deficits.
Justin Trudeau promised a balanced budget by 2019.  Instead, we have massive and permanent deficits that have made it impossible for anyone to responsibly balance the budget in the short term.

3) Pipeline Plan / National Energy Corridor

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer visited Calgary to discuss his six-point plan to build pipelines, and unfold his vision for a national energy corridor.
1.        Cancel the carbon tax
2.        Repeal Bill C-69, the No-More-Pipelines Bill
3.        End the BC shipping ban
4.        Establish timelines for approvals
5.        Eliminate foreign interference in approvals process
6.        Invoke federal jurisdiction when necessary

Key Dilemma: 

Before Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister, Canada had three private companies willing to invest more than $30 billion to build three, nation-building projects that would have created tens of thousands of jobs and generated billions in economic activity.  Those companies continue to invest in pipelines elsewhere in the world, but not in Canada.  The Conservative approach will give Canada the best chance of having these kinds of projects succeed.
An energy corridor for pipelines and transmission lines would allow major job-creating projects to be built, while minimizing environmental impact.
It is a proposal Mr. Scheer would work toward, in full consultation with the Provinces and Indigenous Canadians, who would share in the prosperity it would provide.
An energy independent Canada would create an economy firing on all cylinders – across all sectors and regions.
Canada has more than enough oil  –not only to displace imports from rogue states  –but to put an end to all foreign oil imports once and for all.  That is part of the Conservative nation building vision  -a Canada fueled exclusively by Canadians by 2030.
It is a national security issue, and an economic opportunity, to keep Canadian money circulating within Canada, instead of going to foreign dictatorships.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Conservative Environment Policy

The Liberals believe there is political advantage to repeat the lie that the Conservatives have no Environmental Policy.  They become emotional with invective about so called “climate-change deniers”.  Moreover, in policy portfolios, the Liberals have been exposed as “talk over substance”.  Notice how they have been “road testing” political smears for the next election, using terms like "racist" ad "alt-right".  Liberal rhetoric on the “Environment” is likely to be central to their campaign attacks.  Nevertheless, the Conservative Party has had the following published policy for years; it is credible.  Conservatives will soon release more policy on the Environment, but below is their great base upon which to build.


The Conservative Party believes there must be a balance between fiscal accountability, progressive social policy, and individual rights and responsibilities;

The Conservative Party believes that the quality of the environment is a vital part of our heritage, to be protected by each generation for the next.

Environmental Principles

In order to have a strong economy and maintain good health, Canada must have strong, coordinated and achievable environmental policies.   

The Conservative Party believes that responsible exploration, development, conservation and renewal of our environment are vital to our continued well-being as a nation and as individuals. 

We believe that it is the responsibility of government to ensure that the sometimes-competing values of preserving the environment and creating jobs are maintained in proper balance.   

We believe that all environment and energy initiatives should be reviewed.  

We believe that an effective international emissions reduction regime on climate change must be truly global and must include binding targets for all the world’s major emitters, including China and the United States.

We believe that Canada should create a program to heighten public awareness to the economic benefits of environmental solutions which minimize the waste of resources.   

We believe that Canada should establish a program of tax credits to promote environmental solutions in the areas of transportation and entrepreneurial innovation, among others.   

We believe that the federal and territorial governments should make joint investments to study and address climate change adaptation in the North.

Clean Air and Smog Reductions

The Conservative Party supports the legislated emissions caps to reduce smog-causing pollutants such as nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, and volatile organic compounds, ground level ozone and particulate matter.  We support stringent vehicle fuel efficiency and exhaust emission standards.

Alternative Energy and Transitional Fuels

The Conservative Party believes the government should promote alternative energy (such as wind, solar, geothermal), transitional fuels (such as biodiesel, ethanol, natural gas), and the development of hydrogen as a fuel.  The expense of assuring the security of traditional fuel sources and concerns over pollution makes the use of these energy sources necessary.  We believe the government should enhance tax incentives for energy efficient measures which lead to a cleaner environment.

We believe the government should work with the provinces and territories to promote the development of ecological recycling plants, using incinerators that capture waste gas and transform it into energy.

Contaminated Sites

The Conservative Party supports initiatives to provide stable long-term funding for the cleanup of contaminated sites in cooperation with the provinces, territories and municipalities.  We believe the government should continue to remove roadblocks that discourage the private sector from cleaning and developing contaminated land:

i.             amend the Income Tax Act to allow remediation expenses to be treated as a deductible expense;

ii.            ii. introduce legislation to terminate regulatory liability upon issuance of regulatory approval of remediation to encourage development of brownfields, reversible only in emergency and in cases of fraud;

iii.          iii. create an insurance fund for post liability insurance claims. This will permit the quantification and spreading of development risk through insurance, reinsurance and diversification of ownership; and

iv.          iv. provide economic incentives to the private sector to clean up contaminated lands.

Offshore Resource Development

To capture economic, social and net environmental benefits, the Conservative Party believes the government should promote exploration and development of offshore resources along all our coastal waters.  This should be carried out in cooperation with the provinces and territories, affected First Nations, private industry and other relevant business, scientific and environmental groups.  We believe that companies should follow best practices and the precautionary principle to mitigate environmental risk.  

We believe government should allow for arms-length regulatory processes to ensure safe and environmentally responsible practices in the exploration for and development of these natural resources.  

We believe government should consider the potential of these natural resources before designating new Marine Protected Areas.  We support ensuring that accurate and complete information on the risks and benefits of such developments is made available to the public.

Water - Great Lakes

The Conservative Party believes the government should:

i.             continue working with the United States and the provinces to address critical threats to the sustainability of our shared resource, the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River basin;

ii.            ii. address the threats to our shared resource, including water levels, invasive species, pollution and other threats to the tourism industry and the living conditions and economic well-being of area residents;

iii.          iii. provide adequate funding to fulfill its commitment to this region, which is home to 16 million Canadians and is a crucial source of clean air, drinking water, food, shelter, health, employment and recreation, as well as Canada’s highest concentration of industry;

iv.          iv. establish long-term outcomes; translate them into real plans for the basin; apply a consistent basin-wide approach for issues that span the entire basin; clarify responsibilities of federal and provincial governments; and recognize constitutional authority of the provinces.

Illegal Oil Dumping

The Conservative Party believes in the following initiatives:

i.             expanded oil-dumping detection;

ii.            ii. prohibitions to prevent ships from entering sensitive sea areas;

iii.          iii. legislation requiring ship operators to account for their ships’ waste; and iv. incentives to dump waste at our port facilities, not in our waters. We support increased fines for illegal oil dumping, a practice that kills hundreds of thousands of sea birds every year along Canada’s coastlines.  Ship operators caught illegally dumping oil should face criminal charges and be prevented from plying Canadian waters.

Aquifer Mapping

The Conservative Party supports the development of a long-term plan in cooperation with the provinces and territories to create an inventory that could define significant and key aquifers and establish policy to protect the quality and sustainability of Canada’s major aquifers.  With the threat of groundwater resources becoming depleted in Canada we will face increasing need to understand the extent and replenishment of aquifers.

Aquatic Invasive Species

The Conservative Party believes the government should in cooperation with local, provincial and international governments make mandatory the existing voluntary guidelines for ballast water management practices and enforce compliance for all ships carrying ballast water.  We believe the government should ensure all ships plying Canadian waters built after a set date have proper ballast water treatment technology and implement economic incentives.  This will see ship owners and operators rewarded for improved ballast water treatment practices.  Such measures will address the introduction and spread of aquatic alien invasive species that severely impair biological integrity and threaten the economies of water-dependent communities in Canada. They will also alleviate the costs for treatment, containment and control of these invasive species, which are massive and generally borne by local communities, rather than the industries that contribute to the problem.

Oceans and Coastlines

The Conservative Party believes that the oceans surrounding Canada on three sides are internationally recognized, Federal jurisdictions with rights and responsibilities in accordance with international treaties and laws. We support:

i.             the Canadian government claim to sovereign rights: in the Internal Waters, in the Territorial Sea, in the Contiguous Zone, in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and in, on, or above the Continental Shelf of Canada;

ii.            ii. the sovereign right to: a) control the Northwest Passage and the Canadian Inside Passages off the BC coast as internal waters of Canada; b) explore, exploit, conserve, and manage living and nonliving resources of water column in the EEZ; c) explore, exploit, conserve, and manage non-living resources of the seabed and subsoil of the continental shelf, (E.g. minerals such as ferromanganese crusts, ferromanganese nodules, gas hydrate deposits, and petroleum); and economic activities, such as the production of energy from the water, currents and winds; to construct and establish artificial islands and installations;

iii.          iii. the rights and responsibility to: a) conduct marine research as well as the right to suspend or cessation of marine scientific research activities within its jurisdiction; and b) regulate marine traffic, enforce safety standards, minimize environmental impact and ensure that foreign vessel traffic is for legal and peaceful purposes only.

Marine Transportation

The Conservative Party supports the retention of lightstations, their personnel, and their aids to navigation.  Lightstations are an important contribution to Canadian sovereignty, provide for public safety especially for recreational boaters and kayakers, are an essential presence to monitoring sea- planes and marine traffic, and assist in the interdiction of smuggling.  We also recognize the historical value of the lightstations and promote the concept that they are well situated infrastructure and personnel which can be utilized for scientific data collection and for other uses.  We support a strategic plan to address proper docking facilities for all coastal communities across the Far North.  We believe the government has an obligation to:

i.             enforce the relevant laws and regulations with respect to pollution by dumping;

ii.            ii. adopt special discharge and navigational requirements for designated areas and to prosecute foreign vessels where an actual pollution discharge has occurred;

iii.          iii. provide vessels passing through its EEZ with adequate charting and maritime safety information;

iv.          iv. provide Search and Rescue capabilities which are comparable to international standards of other developed countries; and v. establish and enforce safety standards for local and foreign vessels which operate in Canadian Waters for the well-being of workers as well as the environment.

Marine Scientific Research

We believe the government has an obligation to:

i.             promote international cooperation in marine scientific research for peaceful purposes; and

ii.            ii. create favourable conditions to study the processes occurring in the marine environment through bilateral and multilateral agreements.

We believe that government should promote opportunities in Ocean Technologies (or Blue Technologies) by identifying and reducing barriers to ocean technologies development, and by encouraging collaboration between industry and educational institutions for innovation.

We believe that government is responsible to regulate activities on the ocean to minimize environmental impact on the marine environment.

Coast Guard, Marine Safety and Abandoned Vessels

The Party emphasizes our commitment to Maritime Safety by implementing an institutional change, to transfer the Coast Guard back to the Minister of Transport; and that Coast Guard bases are operated using a cost-effective plan, via the creation or upgrading of facilities that can effectively and efficiently respond to marine safety matters.

The Conservative Party stand by its commitment to facilitate rehabilitation or demolition of abandoned and derelict vessels.

The Conservative Party supports Government Legislators in Pacific and Maritime ridings to consult with scientific and technical experts and implement decisions based on independent scientific data.

Carbon Tax

We believe that there should be no federally imposed carbon taxes or cap and trade systems on either the provinces or on the citizens of Canada.  The provinces and territories should be free to develop their own climate change policies, without federal interference or federal penalties or incentives.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Justin Trudeau breaks the legal rules again.


April 9th,2019, the Crown Prosecutor “stayed” its charge of breach of trust against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman citing that there was “no reasonable prospect of conviction” in the case.

Norman served as the Vice Chief of the Defence Staff until his suspension in January 2017.  Norman’s defence team has alleged during the court proceedings that the Prime Minister’s Office was attempting to direct the prosecution.


Justin Trudeau’s government tried to politically interfere in a shipbuilding contract to favour their friend, by trying to rig the contracting system.  When they got caught and the scheme was exposed, Justin Trudeau retaliated and smeared the reputation of a highly respected Commanding Naval Officer.

Just as in the SNC-Lavalin scandal, Justin Trudeau tried to destroy an honourable individual who stood up to him  -who had reminded him that insider political payoff is wrong.

Trudeau himself said before the RCMP even laid charges that 'it looks like it will be before the courts', which revealed that Trudeau had foreknowledge and a guilty mind in the scandal.

Conservatives will work to expose Justin Trudeau’s appalling behaviour in this case, and hold him to account for once again exacting revenge on someone who stood up to him. 


Why wouldn’t the Liberals release the documents to Norman’s defence team, which the Court rules require?

What is the Prime Minister hiding in this case?

Why only days after Andrew Leslie offered to testify were the charges dropped   -they knew they had been caught?

Why did the RCMP lay charges against Mark Norman in the first place?

What evidence did Norman’s defence team present to the Crown to make them drop the charges   -enough to convince of innocence and of embarrassment to the Prosecutor?

Will the Liberals reinstate Vice-Admiral Mark Norman?

Will the Liberals apologize and compensate Mark Norman for putting him and his family through this extreme long ordeal?


Marie Henein, Vice-Admiral Mark Norman’s Lawyer, was clear that:

“You should be very concerned when anyone tries to erode the resilience of the justice system or demonstrate a failure to understand why it is so fundamental to the democratic values that we hold so dear.”

“There are times you agree with what happens in a court, at times you don't.  And that's fine but what you don't do, is you don't put your finger and try to weigh in on the scales of justice.  That is not what should be happening.”

“We have been, and you have all been with us for six months as we have tried, day in day out to try to get that material.   It should have been handed over.   It should have been handed over to RCMP, it should have been handed over to the prosecution.   It was not.   As to why, I don't know, I leave you to answer that."

Warren Kinsella says,

"After LavScam — and after the attempted show trial of Norman — we can now be left with only one conclusion: This is the most corrupt federal government in Canada’s history. And they must — must — be defeated."