Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Veteran soldier confronts Trudeau

Justin Trudeau embarrassed himself again, this time when under fire for saying some vets want more than government can provide. 
Trudeau lied when he said that if elected, veterans would no longer have to fight the government in court for fair compensation.  He promised to re-instate lifelong disability pensions for the injured, which were replaced by a lump-sum payment, rehabilitation programs, and targeted-income support.   But upon taking power, he continued to fight a lawsuit anyway. 
Of course, Conservative Andrew Scheer questioned the government’s misplaced priorities.  So, Trudeau had his Veterans Minister try and answer. 
There is a long sordid list of Liberal expenditures that flies in the face of what can be given to vets.  Trudeau seems to have plenty of money for: 
Temporary skating rink: $8,100,000
Vacation to a billionaire’s private island: $215,000, which was a conflict of interest violation. 
2016 trip to Davos: $855,000
Cover artwork for the Liberal budget book: $212,000
Bombardier bailout: $372,500,000 which they said they did not need.
Omar Khadr: $10,500,000
Fighting First Nations girl over a dental procedure: $110,000
Health Minister’s Twitter: $100,000 / year
Liberal staffer moving expenses: $220,000
Cost of running Trudeau’s office (2016-2017): $8,300,000
Snapchat filters: $22,000
Veterans aren’t asking for more than our government can give. They are just asking for what Trudeau promised.  Our veterans put their lives on the line to give Canadians the freedom we enjoy, and they deserve better.

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