Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Canada apologizes?   Khadr should be the one apologizing!   He should ask forgiveness for what he and his family did  -deserting Canada after the family was provided special protection by the government.   He must actively denounce the Islamic cause, which he has not sufficiently done.
Born in Canada, Khadr was taken to Afghanistan by his father, who was affiliated with Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.   On July 27, 2002, at age 15, Khadr was severely wounded in a firefight between U.S. soldiers and Taliban fighters in the village of Ayub Kheyl, during which Khadr threw a grenade that killed American medic Sgt. Christopher Speer.   After being captured and detained at Bagram, he was sent to the Guantanamo Bay detention camps in Cuba.   During his detention, Khadr was interrogated by both Canadian and US intelligence officers.
He paid for his crime in jail, but where is his thankfulness for his enemy saving his life and providing much hospital care (USA forces).   Why did he sue the government...that was outrageous !   And Trudeau paying him off is unacceptable.   He should just humbly go back to school, and anonymously make something out of himself.   He should apologize, and not take advantage of a shakedown against Canada through his lawyers.
Prime Minister Trudeau accepts that the Khadr case action, was indeed his decision.   It is just so wrong on many levels.   No deal should have been made, but rather they should have defended Canada right through to the end.   If there was compensation eventually to be paid, it should be the Courts to award.   Regardless, Canada should always be defended.  
Next, the Liberals tried to keep their stinky deal secret from Canadians, as they were never going to tell us.   For it only came out, because we had a loyal Canadian as a whistleblower, whom now the government seeks to punish.  
There was is also the tactic to shut down the litigation, just to minimize what would come out in Court, that would expose the unhealthy relationship between the Liberals and the Khadr family, starting with Chretien. (political cover-up)  
They also rushed payment to deliberately stiff the American victims, who had a legal claim and Court judgement against Khadr (collusion with the perpetrator)  
They also wrongly tried to blame Stephen Harper, but his was the government to get Khadr back to Canada, and nothing bad happened to Khadr during the Harper years, except that Khadr served out his prison sentence for his crime.  
As this deal went through every level of Liberal government, including the Cabinet, it is now a matter that the whole Liberal administration has been revealed to be unworthy of governance.   The Liberals under Trudeau have failed Canada, and no amount of rationalizing will do.   Voters will just remember at the next election, understanding that they have a weak, misguided government that must be replaced. 
*     *     *
Christie Blatchford (columnist) said it best on July 04,2017.  She said: If it’s clear that no one emerges covered with glory from this saga — not the Americans, not Canada in its enabler role, not the military tribunal — that surely would include Khadr, who has admitted, depending upon your view of it, to murder (because of the legal limbo in which combat exists when there is no formal declaration of war) or to being a fighter who killed a U.S. soldier in action.
But still and all, he did return to Canada, serving out the remainder of his time in institutions in Ontario and Alberta before getting bail in 2015. He has plenty of supporters in this country and more of a shot at a fresh start than many of those who walk away from prison with nothing and absolutely no one in their corner.
Why isn’t that enough? Why can’t Khadr be content with what he has been given, and the rest of us with knowing that if he wasn’t always treated perfectly, he now enjoys freedom?
As a wise historian friend says, ours is a society increasingly reliant upon “social-progressive notions that seek to erase all images of injustice to individuals, no matter how long ago or in what context or circumstance… Our society accepts that we allow all our ‘victims’ to become our ‘heroes’ because a certain strata of Canadians feel good, because Canada is proving that we are more just than everyone else on the planet.”
If nothing else, at the very least, it’s a brilliant victory for the Taliban, al-Qaida, ISIL and all the other extremists: A young jihadist is now a hero in Canada for killing an infidel – and look, he got a big payday and an apology to boot.
What’s next: Do we apologize to the Germans for winning what another friend calls “those two memorable misunderstandings?”
“We did win both. Tore down the fabric of their society, twice. Killed a lot of their young men. Became an occupying force. Really, really sorry about that.”
We can sign it as we always do, “Love, Canada.”


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