Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Rona Ambrose Speaks  

January 2017  Rona Ambrose   Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada
With the arrival of a new year comes a certain level of optimism and excitement for what lies ahead.
But troubling news has come to light that I felt compelled to share with you.   News that not only affects us, but future generations of Canadians.
Remember when Stephen Harper warned us that Justin Trudeau would let deficits spiral out of control?  The Liberals laughed!   They said it was preposterous – all they were proposing were “modest” deficits of “only” $10 billion per year.
But over the Christmas break, Finance Canada quietly released their latest long-term economic and fiscal forecast.   What’s in store for Canadian taxpayers now?  Annual budget deficits for the next quarter century.
Analysts predict the bigger deficits could lead to the collapse of our economy.   In 2015, our Conservative government proudly balanced the budget. Since then, Trudeau has implemented terrible fiscal policies.   This will culminate in $1 trillion in federal debt in the next 15 years.   And $1.5 trillion by 2050.   Not so funny now, is it?   It is often easy to disregard the content of these emails as just regular politicking, business as usual.   But this is something new.   
The seriousness of what Justin Trudeau is doing to our country can’t possibly be understated.   He is mortgaging the future of our country.   He is saddling our children, and their children, with debt.  (it has to be paid back with interest which can crowd out money needed for health-care and pensions)
Help us to bring fiscal common sense back to Ottawa.   Our Conservative policies allowed us to balance the budget in 2015.   And we had a plan to erase Canada’s debt within 25 years.   But now we’re facing generations of debt.   And for what?   Trudeau’s promised infrastructure projects are at a standstill, full-time permanent job growth is non-existent, and the economy has stalled.
I’ll be blunt: Trudeau’s plan to stimulate the economy by spending more has failed.   Canadians deserve better!   Canadians deserve a government willing to make the hard choices necessary to ensure prosperity in our economy.   We are the only party ready, willing, and able to keep Canada on track.   Support us, so we can fight to save the economy of tomorrow.
Sincerely,   Rona Ambrose,   Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

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