Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Merry Christmas for the nation

The Trudeau Liberals are discovering that leading a nation is more than delivering platitudes and posing for selfies.

Looking over last year, the previous Conservative Government had left us a ‘balanced budget’ and an ‘economic blueprint’ to keep Canada moving forward, midst a troubled world.   Many hoped the Liberals could use this advantage and build upon it.   That hope was misplaced.

The Liberals campaigned on “Change” and “Sunny Ways.”  However, competent administrative substance is missing, and Canada is sliding down.   Looking back, we must ask if the Liberals accomplished much this year, aside from tripling the deficit, introducing another tax on everything (carbon tax), and breaking election promises.

The record reveals that the first year has been the least productive in decades.   Previous governments passed an average of 48 bills in their first year.   Following the Conservative majority, 58 bills received Royal Assent; but for the Liberals this year, the number is a mere 11.   Moreover, what should we expect from a Prime Minister who didn’t bother to show up to the House of Commons 66% of the time?   Unbelievable!   He’s managed to attend just 18 of 53 Question Periods this past session.  

Instead of facing his duty of Parliamentary accountability in the House of Commons, Trudeau spent his time jet-setting on the taxpayer’s dime.   Therefore, the expected balance of domestic and foreign attention is off base, as in some cases it was just to attend exclusive high-priced cash-for-access fundraisers.   Attendees included Chinese billionaires; one received government approval to open a bank, shortly after he spoke with Trudeau at an event.   This is a legal and ethical issue.   Trudeau tells voters not to worry.   He says his fundraisers have no sway on decisions.   If this were true, why would affluent special interests, be so willing to pay so much?

The Ethics Commissioner has expressed significant concern about these fundraising tactics, and has asked for a private review with Trudeau to deal with the situation.   The Lobbying Commissioner isn't buying the Liberal spin either.   She has opened an investigation into the matter.   Additionally, a third government officer has opened up a separate formal investigation.   The Federal Privacy Commissioner is looking into concerns, following the catastrophic launch of the “” survey on electoral reform.  

This poor record adds up to a sad reality.   Justin Trudeau may be good at taking selfies, but very poor at governance.   While the Liberals revert to their old tricks and ethical blindness, Conservatives remain focused on replacing them in the next election!   Help us stand up and defend Canada.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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