Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Royals arrive in Britsh Columbia

The Royals are in BC.   They are fabulous celebrities, but the working roles they fulfil are priceless.   The safeguards for Canadians through the Monarchy, for our way of life, is not easily understood, but it is real.    Monarchy for Canada really means something, unlike Hollywood celebrity, which mean nothing.    There is a latent power that is in reserve, and let’s hope it is never needed in Canada, to protect the people from a rogue government.

Impossible you say?    Well Trudeau was elected, and that should give pause for any serous person who is concerned about our nation.    The electoral debacle in the USA should make us all much more vigilant, to protect our country from shallow leadership elected through the means of Facebook.    

The Royals are part of our protection.    It is great when it all seems to come together, celebrity, great popularity, meaningful position, and political power in reserve.    Enjoy it while we can, for it was not always so, and it may turn sour in the future.    For now, enjoy!

A big thank you to these Royals for a job well done!

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